Today is Half Off Day at Salvation Army!

June 30th, 2010 by admin

VIDEO TOUR: Salvation Army in Under a Minute from Sammy Davis on Vimeo.

Above: My favorite shopping destination in the entire world. This is the Salvation Army in my hometown of Lancaster, PA

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Every Wednesday at every Salvation Army across the country, clothing/shoes/accessories/furniture/home decor and more are sold at half off.

That’s right. 50 percent off at what I believe is the country’s best thrift store chain. Wednesday is called “Family Day” because the discount helps support families who turn to Salvation Army stores [most commonly called "Family Stores"] for reduced-price clothing and home needs.

I love shopping at Sal Val [also known as "S&A"] for the hunt of a good find. The art of thrifting is not like popping into your neighborhood chain store, but the satisfaction of purchasing a $5.99 dress [at half off!] that has everyone at next weekend’s party talking … well, that’s priceless. And it’s up to you to say, “I got it at Salvation Army.” And I totally recommend you should, because it’s knowing that you secured a great piece at a great price that no one else can go buy right now that’s truly the most satisfying, no matter how discerning of a fashionista you may be.

Why shop Wednesdays at Salvation Army? Sure, you may be able to afford that $30 shirt from H&M, but remember that somewhere in a town near you is a warehouse full of perfectly wearable, trendy (if not trendier!) clothing. Shopping at a thrift store is a sustainable alternative to shopping at the mall. Shopping at Salvation Army is like receiving the 360 degree benefits of thrifting: You’re supporting a good cause, having a good time searching for killer finds, and you’re saving money while caring for the planet and the healthy fashion that your wardrobe ingests.

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