4 links and a stick of butter

September 15th, 2010 by Darla

So many people I know have food allergies or sensitivities or just can’t eat certain things. As you all know, I shy away from gluten due to the fact that it turns me into a moody-lethargic-unmotivated-aching lady with a weight problem. Julia is allergic to soy, gluten, dairy, salmon, avocados and ginger. And when I say allergic I mean it – it knocks her on her ass. Sammy, well, that girl can eat anything. She eats, she runs, she eats, she runs, she Tweets.

For the rest of us it’s good to know where we can turn to on the world wide web to get all the info we need in order to get our grub on without passing out, landing a hospital or being best friends with the toilet for the rest of the weekend.

1. Gluten-free living just got easy. And by living, I obviously meant drinking. Thank you Triumph Dining for your gluten-free booze list.

2. Don’t want to eat anything with eyes? Want to uphold your Buddhist roots? Feel like veggies have fewer feelings than pigs? Find all the vegetarian dining you could ask for at Happy Cow.

3. If you want to go in another direction and live the “primal” life just like all the superfit CrossFitters in your neighborhood check out what Mark’s Daily Apple has to say about living on meat, meat and more meat.

4. For the ultimate food geek – get all your stats from SELF magazine’s Nutrition Data site. From glycemic load to inflammatory response…hell, even fullness factor.

5. When all else fails and you decide to eat everything and the kitchen sink…turn to butter queen Paula Deen to make you feel all better with quotes like “It’ll make your tongue want to slap your brains out.”

photo credit: Paula Deen’s Twitter: @paula_deen

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